Don’t Argue With Me!


Don’t argue. Never argue. It’s dumb and it goes no where. I bet some of you even started arguing with that statement in your head. You’re trying to think of all the important reasons why you should argue.

But really, does it actually change a mind. Sometimes a mind can change for a little while. But then that person goes back to their old ways of thinking, after they have had time to justify their original thoughts.

Even worse. Sometimes that person changes their mind back and then hates you for disagreeing.

You know what changes a person’s mind? When you show them that your way is better.

Telling people that giving up your life to follow Jesus isn’t going to change anyone. If someone sees someone else fully living the Christian life, that may change them. That may convince them to follow Christ themselves.

Show them that your business model works best, by actually applying it. Don’t sit in a meeting room for hours discussing if it will or won’t work.

If you want to win the opinion of a person for the long term, show them that your argument actually works.

That’s tough to argue with.

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