Why I’m giving away $5,000

You didn’t read that title wrong. I am, indeed, giving away anywhere from $500-to $5K dollars. Anyone can get it. You could even get it twice and have $10K.

Let me explain how this works. I recently came into some private equity money. Through that I will be buying various websites.

Here is where you and the money come in.

If you can find me sites for me to buy. I will give you a finders fee. The amount you get on the deal will depend on how the deal or deals turn out. The deals will most likely result in payouts to you of a few thousand dollars.

What I want is cool interesting sites that you visit frequently. They can be blogs, news sites, game sites, women’s fashion sites, sites that just do helpful things like video2mp3.net or entertainment sites like seenive.com for example.

What I don’t want are mainstream sites like Netflix, Facebook, or twitter. I don’t want sites that sell products. I don’t want porn sites (There is an odd and very uncomfortable to be around sort of person that runs sites like that and I am not one of them).

Once I find and acquire the site or sites I will pay you a 10% finders fee on the deal. I’m buying multiple websites, so there could be multiple people seeing payouts.

If you’re interested in participating send your list of websites to jacob@facularity.com or shoot a tweet to @JacobDHuff.

If you are an investor and have any inquires about growing your capital, feel free to contact me as well.

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