About Me

I’m an entrepreneur and thinker. I cover a wide variety of topics from investing, diet, coffee and pretty much anything I choose to talk about. I’m known to inflict unusual experiments upon myself for the sake of gaining knowledge and understanding. I’m a guy who loves learning new things and have become an avid reader because of it.

Entrepreneurship: I am mostly a serial entrepreneur and started my first business when in 6th grade selling NFL pencils to classmates. I have run a mowing company as well. After a college I went on to work at a major food company and was one of the youngest commodity buyers in company history. I am currently involved with both my company HuffMedia advising small businesses on their social media stagey, sales strategy and website layout advising. I am also working with a new Holding Company working as an acquisition adviser.

Investing: Since graduating college I have managed my own portfolio of stocks and bonds with a fairly successful return rate. I have begun branching out from that to start working more with early stage investments as part of my Project Invest 2030 project.

Education: BS from Kansas State University as a duel major. I was the school’s first Entrepreneurship major and also hold a degree in Management.

Personal: Born and raised in Kansas City. I am a board member for the Revocup Foundation. I’m also an avid sports fan and frequent my alma mater in Manhattan, KS for football games.

Live: Kansas City, MO.


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