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Why I’m giving away $5,000

You didn’t read that title wrong. I am, indeed, giving away anywhere from $500-to $5K dollars. Anyone can get it. You could even get it twice and have $10K.

Let me explain how this works. I recently came into some private equity money. Through that I will be buying various websites.

Here is where you and the money come in.

If you can find me sites for me to buy. I will give you a finders fee. The amount you get on the deal will depend on how the deal or deals turn out. The deals will most likely result in payouts to you of a few thousand dollars.

What I want is cool interesting sites that you visit frequently. They can be blogs, news sites, game sites, women’s fashion sites, sites that just do helpful things like or entertainment sites like for example.

What I don’t want are mainstream sites like Netflix, Facebook, or twitter. I don’t want sites that sell products. I don’t want porn sites (There is an odd and very uncomfortable to be around sort of person that runs sites like that and I am not one of them).

Once I find and acquire the site or sites I will pay you a 10% finders fee on the deal. I’m buying multiple websites, so there could be multiple people seeing payouts.

If you’re interested in participating send your list of websites to or shoot a tweet to @JacobDHuff.

If you are an investor and have any inquires about growing your capital, feel free to contact me as well.


Project Invest 2030


I have been thinking of the future lately. Trying to utilize the skills I have to better my chances to set myself up for success. One thing I have discovered is that I am fairly solid at seeing trends and ideas that will work, while they are still in their early stages.

I’m not 100% at this. I thought Google plus would take off. It didn’t. I know I can’t be right all the time.

However, I have backed things that I saw early on knowing they will take off. I was laughed at when I was one of the first people on Twitter and Instagram. I loved both Evernote and Drop Box when they hit the scene. The problem with all of those is that I never invested my cold hard cash. I just became a spokesperson for their products and not a beneficiary of their profits.

I’ve decided to change that. I have been reading recent blog posts by one of my favorite writers Tucker Max about his goal to hit 100 early stage investments by 2018. While I don’t have the kind of money at the moment that Tucker Max has, I am starting to get access to it. So I made the decision to begin my investing career by making the same investment goal.

Since I’m younger I’ll allow myself till 2030 to meet the goal. I hope to use these blog posts as a way to track my progress until 2030.

I have had to make it very clear to myself not to get attached to the 100 number as I will not consider this a failure if I only get 80 great investments. It would be idiotic to be mad at myself for not blowing money on 20 businesses that were bad investments.

I plan to invest in any industry that I see a favorable return from. I have gained connections in numerous fields that I plan to utilize for advice. I plan to start small most likely keeping investments under $25K for now. Once I have more backing I will increase to between $25K and $100k and eventually increasing to over 100k investments.

Some of these investments may end up being my own private companies. But the ultimate goal is to create a private portfolio aside from my traditional equity investments. If you have any interest in following my journey you can follow my Angel List and possibly act as a syndicate.

I’ll also be keeping a record of what company I invested in and why I invested in that company on this blog.

If you have great ideas that you believe could take off feel free to contact me. I have gained access to a significant amount of investors who would freely help back any ideas that I present them.

Please understand these must be presented to me as business plans. Working products or some sort of beta version would be best. If the idea doesn’t appeal to me I won’t invest in it. I have no issues with taking a look at your work and will offer you a fair critique of what you have.

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